What’s in my 1st Blog Post?

“Honestly I dunno how to start a blog “

Alright!! first word came in my mind. Let me write the details that I want to share here in my blog :)))

no particular order ( kidding!!)

PS: I am not good in English, facing grammatical error ‘ most of the time’ not too good in vocabulary etc. So to those who will gonna read my Blogsssssssssss please if you find any correction feel free to comment down below, All your advice’s are truly appreciated. 

  1. I’ll be sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences,craziness, travel and adventure.
  2. I love Modesty Outfit, uhm… I will share how to dress Modesty and some inspirational thoughts to all lovely ladies out there.
  3. I love reading the word of GOD so absolutely expect that i’ll be write something about it. I’m so excited:)
  4. I do cooking at home so maybe i’ll be sharing it too.
  5. lastly i’ll be sharing soon a little bit about my personal life “not exciting much….


♥So here you go 5 outline what to expect here in my page.



God Bless 🙂